Brainstorming on how to use Wikis for your content, instruction, and assignments.
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For beginners; please watch the following short video:

Wikispaces is a great place to create ad-free, educational Wikis at no cost! Check it out!

8 Ways To Use School Wikis:

10 Best Practices for Using Wikis in Education:

For the advanced wiki user; you may be interested in the following wiki tutorials:

As an educator interested in creating engaging wikis, you’ll want to keep resources like “Cool Tools for Schools” and “Getting Tricky with Wikis” handy for your Web 2.0 needs.

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Lenva Shearing, the creator of these wikis, is the deputy principal of the Bucklands Beach Intermediate School in New Zealand and is an ICT facilitator for schools in her area. As she traveled to different schools, she was often asked by her colleagues about the online tools that were available to use in their classrooms.