Why Twitter?
To open the following website in its own window, right click on the wiki name, kchichester, and select open in new tab. Otherwise, you can view the website right within this wiki, without leaving the wiki!

How to Twitter?

Creating a Twitter account:
Log into http://www.twitter.com and create your account. Add your your contact information below so that the Churchill community can follow one another!

Gathering a Following:
Add your username so the Churchill community can follow one another:

Twitter Username
Andrea Christman
Ilyssa Weiss
Paige Pagley

Note: Click the edit button, Add your name to the chart and then click the save button! Easy!

Who else to follow?
Teacher4Teachers–Easily helps educators find other educators
US Government–This list is comprehensive and contains the Executive & Legislative branches. Great list of politicians...

Websites containing great Twitter tips!

Just for fun!

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