Agenda for Technology Tips and Tools
Winston Churchill High School
November 23, 2009

By the end of this meeting, we will have:
  1. Clarified the purpose of a variety of Google Apps
  2. Discussed the uses of Google Apps to support the curriculum
  3. Joined the WCHS Professional Learning Community (PLC) on Wikispaces
  4. Acquired a Gmail account in order to access the Google suite of Applications
  5. Created an iGoogle page to demonstrate how to acquire information
  6. Subscribed to the Wiki RSS feed through iGoogle
  7. Added GoogleDocs widget to iGoogle page
  8. Created a Google Survey and added to iGoogle page

o Login to computers; acquire a Gmail account
o Create an iGoogle page with at least 3 tabs

o Join WCHS Wiki
o View the Google Docs "common craft" video

o Add GoogleDoc widget to the iGoogle page
o Create a Google Survey
o Subscribe to the Wiki page by adding a widget to your iGoogle page
o + / Deltas
o Please check Wiki periodically to see additions to the resources. Post to discussion tab at any time and it will be monitored by Ilyssa, Andrea &/or Paige.

WCHS is embracing 21st Century learning topics and tools in designing optional professional growth opportunities for WCHS staff this year.

For those interested, we are developing a Professional Learning Community (PLC) to discuss and collaborate the technology that we are learning to use. Please revisit this Wiki throughout the year to join in the discussions that are occurring at WCHS.
“Educators have known for quite some time that building a collaborative culture in which people work together interdependently to fulfill their shared purpose and achieve their common goals is an essential strategy for sustain school improvement.” From DuFour, R., DuFour, R., & Eaker, R. (2008). Revisiting Professional Learning Communities at Work. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree, p. 173.

Google Tools for Teachers:
To open in a new window, click the box to the right of the slide count at the bottom of the presentation.